Photos and Activities of DAY - 3

Day  :    3

Training  Session on  3rd Day also had both Theoretical & Practical sessions, but  various other  subjects  were taught to the participants, in a interesting manner.    On the third Day, Methodologies, Textures and  Designs  were elaborately explained  and participants were made to do "Hands on" training, on the above subjects. 

Panoramic view of the  IJSG - NJB - NCDPD  Jute Training at  Chennai

Some video clip of the NJB & IJSG & NCDPD  Jute Bag  Design  Training at  Chennai  during  16th  to  23rd Dec'2011

Jute  Trainees  undergoing  Practical   Design Training  at  Chennai

A Group of Jute Trainees Creating their Jute bag Design

A video clip of the NJB & IJSG & NCDPD  Jute Bag  Design  Training at  Chennai  during  16th  to  23rd Dec'2011

Groups  seriously  preparing  their  Jute  Assignment in the Training
Making their Design on their OWN,  by the Techniques taught from the Jute Training