Photos and Activities of DAY - 6

Day  :    6

On  the Sixth Day of the Jute Training  programme,  Visual  presentation  was  made  on “Product Standards & Classification  and  about  Visual Merchandising”.  The  product  standards & Classifications,  being  adopted  in  US  & European markets,  for  various  household Utility articles,  were briefed  and  presented to the participants   presented  jointly  by Ms. Amla Shrivastava & Mr. Rudy Rivera.  Participants  were  also explained about the  impact of  Visual merchandising in promoting the sales of products. They  also  briefed how, the  combination of products, environments, and spaces tends to provide stimulating and engaging display to encourage the sale of a product or service. Practical  sessions  on  Visual  Merchandising   was  also taught to the participants,  by  the  supervision  of the  Master  Trainers.

Translator  translating  the Lectures, in the  participant's local  language

Vischandising  Practical  session by  Each  Groups :