Photos and Activities of DAY - 5

Day  :    5

On  the Fifth Day of the Jute Training,  participants had  visual  presentation  on Design Trend and bag Trend and also  Design Challenge, presented  jointly  by Ms. Amla Shrivastava & Mr. Rudy Rivera.  Participants  also  made design challenges with  paper bags and expressed  their level of inputs  from this  training  programme  on  the 5th  Day of  the  Training  Programme.  The  inputs of  the Trainers  being both, Visual & Practical,  participants felt the programme  is expected to change their Total  product range  and  is expected to make, in tune with the Market Taste / Trend

Design  Challenge with  Paper  bags  of  the  Participants
A  Panoramic  view  of the  5th day  Training  session of IJSG-NJB-NCDPD Training Programme
Ms. Amla Shrivastava summing up  the  5th day  Training  programme

Design  Challange  Collections

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